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Annual Report 2018


For 95 years, our long-term partnerships have been the key to our success.


Partnership in community development

In January 2017, LC Packaging founded the LC Supports Foundation. The foundation’s purpose is to  contribute to improving the well-being of the environment and communities in areas where LC  Packaging operates, and contribute to the SDGs set by the UN. With the help of local partners, we  have set up exciting new projects. In January 2018, we started with our Waste Pickers project in  Bangladesh. Together with local NGO GramBangla and Child Hope UK, we set up a skills training  programme for waste pickers working in poor conditions on the Mutual Dumping site in Dhaka,  Bangladesh. After completing the programme, trainees are offered a job at our SA 8000 certified  FIBC production location. And to combat socio-economic issues in South Africa and in an attempt to  fight the war on waste, we started a partnership with the South Africa Green Berets. Together, we  sponsor a group of youngsters who take part in a ‘Hygiene and Cleaning learnership’. Their ultimate  goal is to become recycling and waste specialists, start their own business to provide employment,  and help to clean the streets of Johannesburg.

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Partnership in capacity development

In 2017, the Dutch Development Bank (FMO) decided to fund our Capacity Development Project in  Bangladesh, including a twofold environmental footprint research, our recycling unit and an  extensive waste reduction project. This project was completed in January 2019. To celebrate our  partnership and the progress of this project, all parties involved came together in May 2018, for a  ceremonial signing session at our FIBC production location in Bangladesh: Dutch-Bangla Pack Ltd. Representatives from the FMO, The Prime Bank Ltd and the Dutch Embassy in Bangladesh were  present, including the then Dutch Ambassador to Bangladesh, Mrs Leoni Cuelenaere, who was  always openly supportive of our efforts. We would like to thank all parties involved. Without you, this  would not have been possible. 


Partnership during more challenging times

As LC Packaging is present in so many different markets, we regularly face customer setbacks. We  have the luxury to respond in a flexible, understanding way, as we have a strong foundation. It is  important to always find the best solution, together with our production partners and customers.  Because of the enormous drought in the past year, many potato and onion farmers had to contend  with an extremely disappointing harvest, affecting the whole of Europe and the entire chain. For LC  Packaging, this meant that a large part of our packaging was not sold and for our production partners, this meant a drop in production. Together with our partners, we came up with a strategy to limit the damage, by making concessions in such a way that we could all survive a year like this.  We offered our customers storage facilities for the packaging not just for this year, but that would  be perfectly fine to use the next.  


Partnership in solutions

LC Packaging and Pacapime are working towards the so-called Common Footprint Quality  Standard (CFQ), promising top-quality corrugated packaging that is stackable and fit-for-purpose to  handle and transport fruit and vegetables efficiently. For the fruit and vegetable supply chain, this  means supply chain simplicity, cross-border compatibility, optimised transportation and  assured quality. 

Fact: Corrugated packaging cares for the environment too: it’s 100% natural, 100% renewable, 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Used trays are baled, and can be sent to a local recycling  facility or paper mill. More than that, corrugated packaging is made of 88% recycled materials. CFQ  trays’ stackability optimises truck space and transportation, saving energy and costs, while  reducing CO2 emissions. More information on


Packaging solutions in the media

In 2018, we saw a few wonderful expressions of our packaging in the media and on social media. We would like to share with you a beautiful article published at Christmas by Royal Mail, the UK’s largest post and parcel company, included extremely beautiful pictures of our post bags.

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